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Unique Wedding Cakes

How Wedding Cake Designs Can Create Unique Wedding Cakes


Unique wedding cakes are tough to pull off, but one of the best ways to really make a cake stand out from all the others people have seen at all the weddings they have been to, is through wedding cake designs. This means you will need to find someone who can not only bake a delicious wedding cake, but can also use icing and other baking techniques to create a wedding cake that will memorably stand out from all the rest out there.


Unique wedding cake designs can be done in a number of different ways. First, a cake can be baked in a shape or style that is unlike the standard white tiered wedding cake everyone has come to expect at the end of the wedding experience. For example, a wedding cake can be baked to look like a mountain that the couple has summited, complete with peaks and crags, icing that looks like rock and snow. The wedding cake designer and baker really should look at each cake as a unique interpretation of the couple’s story, or a metaphor for their future, if such a thing can be translated through a cake itself.

Another option for unique wedding cake designs can come in just the pure artistry of the icing when the cake designer works with the design of the wedding dress or veil lace to create a work of edible art.  Or the icing could just look ornately beautiful, with a lot of time, care and design put into it by the cake maker.


Regardless of what type of unique cake you want made, putting the time in to really find someone who is talented making wedding cakes will be worth it. Look at past designs and get a real sense of their artistry and skills before hiring them to do the cake on your special day.

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